QualiaSoup for the Soul: Evolution

From single-celled organisms (which we can “accelerate” in evolution via selective breeding, as they are able to reproduce at a faster rate) to humans, it’s plain stupid to deny the evidence of evolution.


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Shaolin Monk balances on two fingers

Just thought I would share this amazing discovery today:

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John Stewart on Brit Hume and Tiger Woods

Following the Brit Hume controversy, John Stewart on the daily show decided to poke some fun.

I’m loving the satire of the “no, MY RELIGION is right!” mentality plagued by many in the religious community. The panel went even further and correlated their religions with their ethnic backgrounds, and John Oliver even jumped in with his humorous view on reality.

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QualiaSoup for the Soul: Skewed views of science

Credits: QualiaSoup.

I think what people mean to say by “having an open mind” is really “not having a personal bias that prevents one from learning.” Well, hopefully, anyway. The problem is that sometimes metaphysicists give the same old “open mind” line that you, knowing that there is no science or actual evidence behind their beliefs, would expect from a religious nut. In any case, enjoy the QualiaSoup, guys.

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Google blocking “Islam is” search recommendations

Thanks to American Atheists for bringing this to my attention and the image to the right (which you can click to see the full-size image). You can read the full blog post here.

In the search field type “Christianity is” and you will see recommendations of “bullsh*t, not a religion, a lie, false, a cult, wrong, fake, dying, Jewish, and not a religion t-shirt.”

In the search field type “Hinduism is” and you will see recommendations of “monotheistic, false, polytheistic, the majority religion of, the oldest religion, not a religion, fake, most commonly found, characterized by, and wrong.”

In the search field type “Buddhism is” and you will see recommendations of “not a religion, wrong, not what you think, bullsh*t, polytheistic, a religion, false, based on what concepts, the best religion, and atheism.”

In the search field type “Judaism is” and you will see recommendations of “false, not a race, not a religion, a race, a religion of the book, not Jewish, a gutter religion, monotheistic, a cult, and a religion.”

Try typing “Atheism is” and you will see recommendations of “a religion, dead, not a religion, wrong, the new fundamentalism, growing, a non-prophet organization, so senseless, illogical, a religion supreme court.” Clearly they are not holding back on the Atheists.

Now, let’s try Islam. Type in “Islam is” and you will see…

Absolutely nothing. That’s correct. Google makes no recommendations based on searches of “Islam Is.”

Why is Google blocking search recommendations for “Islam is?”

Islam, being the second largest religion in the world and obviously therefore a popular search term, should in theory have a list of search recommendations when prompted. That is, of course, unless Google specifically programmed their search engine to block the recommendations.

It’s ridiculous in the sense that Google and other corporations are “bullied” into going out of their way to not offend people, when in reality the problem lies within the Muslim community itself. Sure, people may not like it every time Jesus is killed on South Park (although I found it pretty funny), but then again Christians don’t riot over such things.

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Resisting The Urge: A Guide For Christian Boys

Edward Current spits some satirical (but spiritual, nonetheless!) knowledge on sexuality:

Credits: Edward Current.


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Brit Hume needs to, in the words of O’Reilly, “SHUT UP!”

Credits: Atheist Media Blog.

Regardless of the fact that the majority of O’Reilly’s viewership probably consists of right-wing Christians, there is no recovering from such a stumble. Of course, his career will move forward, but he cannot possibly justify what he said. I just found it hilarious that after the “advice” he gave to Tiger Woods, he was told it was “admirable” for caring for “[Tiger’s] soul” by one of his co-anchors. Below is the clip taken from Fox News Sunday.

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